Midas Pro Series Consoles

I have been working quite a bit on Midas Pro 1 & Pro 2 Consoles lately.  I did find the initial set up very slow.
I spent a while with the off line editor creating a show file & it can be downloaded from HERE

The Offline editor is available from http://www.midasconsoles.com/products/index.php?PRO1-IP

There is a different editor for the Various different models, Pro 1/2/3/6 & 9.  But they are primarily the same thing, they just add the channel count.  I created the File on the Pro1 Editor as 40 Channels is generally enough.

The file I created is for a Corporate type event, with Radios, Lectern & Play Back.  Output wise it is configured for L/R/Sub, 8x Mon Mixes, Stereo Group with GEQ for Radios & 4 FX including Plate & Hall Verbs, Delay & Spectrum Analyser.  Patching is done 1-1 via a digital stage box.  There is a little bit of local patch too for REC outs & Talk Back.  See the Table Below for Details.  The File is for a Midas Pro1 to DL251 Stage Box.

Ch 1-8Radio MicsExt 1-8AUX GP 15-16Aux 15-16 Linked, set to Group mode, GEQ7/8 inserted across group for separate GEQ on Radios. Group then sent to Stereo Outs.
Ch 9-10Lectern MicsExt 9-10StereoLinked
Ch 11-12SpareExt 11-12Stereo
Ch 13-14PlaybackInt 13-14StereoFor Stereo Playback device, CD, MD, Mac or PC etc.
Ch 15-16VT Play BackInt 15-16StereoFor VT Audio from a movie file from a Device.
Ch 17-40Default IDExt 17-40StereoAll Comp, Gate, Eq set to ON. All Channels sent to Stereo.
Aux Rtn 1-2Plate L/RFX1/Plate Verb Stereo ReturnStereoFX Return 1+2
Aux Rtn 3-4Hall L/RFX2/Hall Verb Stereo ReturnStereoFX Return 3+4
Aux Rtn 5-6Delay L/RFX3/Delay Stereo ReturnStereoFX Return 5+6
Aux Rtn 7-8Default IDInt 7-8StereoSpare Stereo Return, Patched Locally
Aux Send 1-8Mix 1-8Ext Out 1-8SelfMonitor Mix Outs
Aux 9-10Plate Verb SendFX 1 Stereo InSelfFX 1 Stereo Send
Aux 11-12Hall Verb SendFX 2 Stereo InSelfFX 2 Stereo Send
Aux 13-14Delay SendFX 3 Stereo InSelfFX 3 Stereo Send
Aux 15-16Radio Mic GroupNoneStereoRadio Group with GEQ
Matrix 1-2Delays 1 L/RExt 9-10From L/RDelay Line 1 Stereo Send
Matrix 3-4Delays 2 L/RExt 11-12From L/RDelay Line 2 Stereo Send
Matrix 5-6Rec Out L/RInt 5-6From L/RRec Out Stereo Send
Matrix 7-8DefaultInt 7-8From L/RSpare Mono Sends x2
Master L/RPA-L / PA-RExt 15-16SelfMater Stereo Outs
Mono OutSub OutExt 14SelfMono Out for Subs

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